well-dressed for the apocalypse

Shea. 23 Years Old. Somehow I wound up in Chicago.

Apparently I'm quite lovely.

Stark. Gryffindor. District 4. Mutant. Bisexual. Female Pronouns. Feminist. Only Girl In This Barricade. Hobbit. Princess. Saggitarius. Pisces Moon. Scorpio Ascendent. ISFJ Guide to my Tags

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One Ring To Rule Them AllOh Baby Baby It's A Wild WorldIn A Hole In The Ground There Lived A HobbitPeace Was Never An OptionYou Win Or You DieReal Or Not RealThe Fly In The Ointment The Spanner In The WorksScott Summers Does Not ApproveThe Boy Who LivedBad Photoshop AdventuresThere Is No War In Ba Sing SeSo Say We AllMountain LionFBI's Most Unwanted Le BatmanDo You Hear The People Sing?And They All Lived Happily Ever AfterA Man ChoosesBring Us The Girl

I AIM TO PLEASE *bows* For what it’s worth…. it was a cute baby…. hahahahahaha

I love you. <3 I just hate doing that.

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