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Shea. 23 Years Old. Somehow I wound up in Chicago.

Apparently I'm quite lovely.

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Things that are portrayed as weak and lame but in reality can probably beat the shit out of you and steal your lunch money then spend it on candy:

  • hufflepuffs
  • canadians
  • women
Isn't it also funny that feminism and nazism share so many of the same characteristics?! :D

Oh right. The part where the nazis wanted equality for everyone regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. That’s a crazy coincidence, isn’t it?


When "The Theory of Everything" met “The Imitation Game” (or when a cumberbitch met Benedict Cumberbatch) (x)


oh, so when tumblr feminists embroider swear words and occult symbols onto things, it’s “subversive” and “edgy,” but when I do it, I’m a “terrible surgeon” whose being “sued for malpractice.”

men’s right’s activist and mutant registration act have the same initials. coincidence? i think not.

"Other people are not medicine."
Amy Poehler (via basso-continuo)


Theatre Challenge →3 Costumes

Heather, Heather, and Heather from Heathers